Who Am I? Why Pitch Decks?

My name is Jeremy. I love crosswords, snowboarding, and pitch decks. All three put me in the flow state. Kind of weird how that happens. One day you’re producing and editing reality TV and the next you’re helping startups raise millions of dollars from angel investors and syndicates, seed funds, and giant multi-stage VCs.

Okay, my journey hasn’t been such a straight line. But writing for a format that requires a balance between visual communication, dialogue, and narration was wonderful preparation for creating pitch decks. (The two-column script format — widely used in documentary and commercial filmmaking — is a perfect fit for a pitch deck outline.)

Most pitches are conversations, not presentations. But decks are standard and expected. They have a linear, predictable structure that lends itself to easy consumption.

That’s not obvious to a founder whose life revolves around their company. But it’s pretty important to an investor who sees 1,000 pitch decks in a year. And when most of those companies are too early to show real results, the best communicators are going to win.

The language of pitching should not be a mystery. That’s why I started this site.